Dear Gentle Being, 6 MAR 2005

Welcome to the latest update for events occurring at the SF Discussion Group.

*****If you would like to avoid 3 weeks of winter in the great Northeast, consider a TOUR OF MIDDLE-EARTH! A QUEST TO THE LORD OF THE RINGS MOVIE SITES with expert escorts. The proposed dates are either 21 Dec 05 to 11 Jan 06 or 3/4 JAN to 24/25 JAN 06! Which set of dates works best for you? For more information contact: Janet Coyle at PACIFIC PATHWAYS, 1919 Chula Vista Drive, Belmont, CA 94002; 650-595-2090; ; or Mr. jan howard finder; ; 518-456-5242. *****

[As some of you know, I went on the trip in January 2004. We had "almost" enough fun. It was an amazing experience. Yes, it isn't cheap, but I felt it was worth every penny I spent. Janet is pricing the tour for a minimum of 10 folk for the tour. If we get more, the price will drop. Really think seriously about giving the tour a go. You won't regret it. It is a once in a lifetime sort of trip.]

Between January 28 and March 24 Ten SF and horror films to be shown at UAlbany as part of a series on "What is Nature in the 21st Century" hosted by the University Library. The "Frankenstein Film Manifesto Series" will be shown on Thursday evenings in the Humanities Building Screening Room at the uptown campus, at 7:30 p.m. (except March 10, begins at 7:00 p.m.). A discussion period follows each film. Admission is free. For more information, call 518-442-3540 or send E-mail to

On Wednesday, 9 February 2005 at 7:00 PM. we got together over at Flights of Fantasy to discuss Science Fiction and the state of the Universe. A jolly time was had by all.

*****CHANGE OF VENUE !!! On Wednesday, 9 March 2005 at 7:00 PM. we will get together over at the Saratoga Arts Center (320 Broadway). Movies Without Pictures selection panel, coordinated by Jeannine Edmonds, has selected THE FINITE HEART by Barbara Chepaitis & Steve Sawicki to be performed. A Wine and Cheese reception is included. There is NO cost for this.

[For the next few months while I'm wandering about North America, Chris Ford will be sending out these missives to you.]

On Wednesday, 13 April 2005 at 7:00 PM. we will get together over at Flights of Fantasy to discuss Science Fiction.

For signings at the Flights of Fantasy Bookstore, 488 Albany Shaker Rd, Loudonville, NY 12211; +1-800-300-READ; & . Also check:

Please drop by the LASTSFA web site at . It has lots of good stuff on it, including a number of neat links & a calendar of events. Please join LASTSFA and help support our efforts to bring in speakers. Your financial support helps make these speakers possible. Talk to us! Send us money! Don't just sit there! Make it happen! Full Membership - $10; Student - $5; Family - $25. Send name, address, and check or money order to LASTSFA, P.O. Box 2085, Albany, NY 12220-0085, USA.

Drop by the ALBACON web site. . You can see some pictures taken at ALBACON 97, 98, 99, Y2K, 01, 02 & soon 03. Get a look at the great happenings that went on. SF cons are not a spectator sport. Participate in one of the best cons running. Have you joined ALBACON 05? If not, why not? You can go to our web site and register there. DO IT TODAY!!! ALBACON 05 can't succeed without your involvement. ALBACON 05 registration is currently only $35 thru 31 MAR 05. Such a deal! Get a friend to come with you! If you are going to a con, bring the ALBACON 05 registration form with you and get someone to join. It is $50 ATD.

Are you a gamer? Well, join us and help with the gaming portion of ALBACON. Contact Walter Wedenbine at . You can join ALBACON 05 for a reduced rate if all you wish to do is game.

The John W. Campbell Conference held at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas in July. Info: , plus lots of links. The John W. Campbell Award and Theodore Sturgeon

Award are given out at the conference.

The Alternate Universe [TAU] is a Science Fiction Fan Club for Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and their friends. We meet in Albany, NY on the 3rd weekend of each month. For more information contact Paul at 518-767-9722 or at

Prydonians of Princeton, meet in Lawrenceville, NJ. For more info contact the Pydonians at or call 609-448-9062.

Philadelphia SF Society meets in Philadelphia, PA. For more info contact PSFS at or call 877-656-3914.

From Earth to Planet X: A Sci-Fi Competition

Following its success of landing a probe on Saturn's hazy moon Titan, Europe has issued a call for young science fiction writers.

Several Europe-based international agencies - among them the European Space Agency (ESA), EURISY and UNESCO, are organizing a competition for middle and high school students to foster imagination in space science and exploration.

Using From Earth to Planet X as a theme, the competition challenges young writers to imagine and write a story describing progress, developments and discoveries related to science and life in outer space. Judges will be looking for originality, creativeness, and a grasp of the main theme as well as that of the underlying theme: the peaceful use and exploration of outer space.

Designed by EURISY and the Norwegian Centre for Space-related Education, the sci-fi competition is open to any students living inside member nations of the ESA, EURIS and UNESCO's North American or European delegations (U.S. included). There are two age groups, 12 to 14 and 15 to 17, in which to compete with entries not to exceed 1,000 words.

For more information in the competition, including rules, entry forms and the specific national centers to send entries, click here. <>

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